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Operative Hysteroscopy (Complex - Asherman)

The operative hysteroscopy is suitable treatment method and low risk for Asherman's syndrome, the natural vessel of the body to gain entry into the uterine cavity. Improvement of optical and fiber optic light instrumentation and operative accessories allow high resolution and excellent visual documentation by hysteroscopy. Hysteroscopy has been increasingly becoming the method of choice for treatment of intrauterine pathology. Most patients with Asherman's syndrome suffer from infertility and menstrual problems. In this retrospective clinical study, we examine patients with Asherman's syndrome who have underwent hysteroscopy adhesiolysis to inspect associated symptoms, disease etiologies, and fertility outcomes. Most of the patients with Asherman's syndrome are diagnosed by using hysteroscopy. Hysteroscopic adhesiolysis is performed in all cases and connected transabdominal ultrasonography is conducted in cases with extensive and dense adhesions. There are no complications associated with the hysteroscopic procedure. Normal menstrual cycles will resume in all cases.

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