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Dr Vijay Kumar PK M.B.B.S,MD,(OBG),DNB, FMAS(Minimal ascess surgeons ) Infertility.

Medical Director

Dr Vijay Kumar PK

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Mon - Saturday : 8.00am to 8.00pm
Sunday 8.00 am to 12.00 pm

Dr. Vijaykumar PK is Director of Vardhan Fertility and Laparoscopy Womens Care Center, and Caree Fertility Center in Bengaluru, Karnataka. He has total 18 years of experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology including 12 years of rich experience in Infertility, ART and Laparoscopy. He has independently conducted several cycles of IVF/ICSI cycles (stimulation till transfer). Dr. Vijaykumar has always been appreciated for his hardworking attribute and sincerity in addition to being an excellent team member. He has been pursuing his aim to become Gynaec Laparoscopic surgeon with special interest in Infertility, ART and Andrology. He also wants to play an active role in the basic clinical research in reproductive medicine and do audit as part of his effort to practice evidence based medicine. He possesses excellent inter-personal skills to work in a team as well as a part of multidisciplinary team in patient management.

Career Summary

  • Passed fellow in The Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India –FMAS in   Nov-2013.
  • Passed DNB in Reproductive Medicine in August- 2004 from Kolkata, India.
  • Passed MBBS from the University of Gulbarga in March 1998 and MD (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) from University of Mumbai in December 2002.
  • I have got total 14 yrs of experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology including 12yrs of Infertility,ART and Laparoscopy.
  • Worked as senior consultant in Laparoscopy, ART and Andrology department at Bangalore Assisted Conception centre (BACC) recognised for Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine by Diplomate of National Board (DNB) Ministry of Health, New Delhi and Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore, India.
  • Attended Nuchal translucency Scan training Programme-Conducted by Prof.Nicoliades, Fetal Medicine Foundation Unit England November -2005.
  • Always appreciated as hardworking, sincere and a good team member.
  • Aim to become Gynec. Laparoscopic surgeon   with special interest in Infertility, ART and Andrology.
  • I have done independently several cycles of IVF/ICSI cycles(stimulation till transfer) since 12 yrs
  • Started many IVF centres, currently working as director of CAREE Fertility Centre since 2012 and Vardhan Fertility Laparsocopy and Women’s care centre since 2015.



Professional qualifications

FMAS   Fellow in The Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India Nov-2013


(Reproductive Medicine)


Institute of Reproductive Medicine Kolkata


National Board of Examinations, Delhi.


Sept 2004

M.D (Ob&G)

Seth. G.S.Medical College, K.E.M Hospital, Mumbai  

University of Mumbai.


Dec 2002


Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences, Bellary, India.

Gulbarga University.

March 1998

Professional Experience

 Director   Vardhan fertility Laparoscopy & women’s care centre,  jan 2013 - Caree fertility center, Bangalore

Senior Consultant

Bangalore Assisted Conception center, Bangalore

Aug 05 – Jan-09

Senior registrar


Center for Research in Assisted Reproduction and Fetal therapy (CRAFT) Kodungallur, Kerala

Feb 05 – Aug 05


Institute of Reproductive Medicine, Kolkata

Oct 04 - Jan 05

Senior SHO,

ART and Laparoscopy unit and General O &G.


Institute of Reproductive Medicine, Kolkata.



Aug 02 - Sep 04


 OB&G (12months)

Routine USG and Color Doppler  (3 months)

OBG (6 Months)

Neonatology (3months)                    

OB & G (12months).

Seth G. S. Medical college, K.E.M Hospital, Mumbai, India.

Wadia Maternity Hospital attached to Seth G.S.Medical College, Mumbai

Wadia maternity and children Hospital attached to Seth G.S. Medical college

Dr. R. N. Cooper Hospital, Seth G. S. Medical college Mumbai.






Mar 99 - Jan 02



Medicine, surgery, Ob&G, Community Pediatrics & medicine and Rural health.

Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences, Bellary, India.


Mar 96 - Mar 97       




  • Winner – In Eastern Zonal Infertility quiz conducted by Bengal Obstetrics Gynaecologic Society,Kolkata-2003.
  • FOGSI- Johnson & Johnson Infertility quiz- 2nd place in east zone 2003,Jaipur.

Audit Experience

  • Trouble shooting in IVF stimulation protocols and IVF laboratory done in Kodungallur, Kerala in Improving IVF results between Feb 2005 and July 2005
  • Currently working on the improvement in the semen count and motility as well as sexual dysfunction treatment.
  • Audit: One-year analysis of data in IVF cycles from the Indication to take home baby rate. Made new protocols in the improvement of success in IVF / ICSI cycles. Improved the success rate from 32% in 2004 to presently 47% with take home baby rate of 38%.
  • Monthly Audit: In analysing the protocol used in IVF/ICSI cycles and analysing the data in IUI department. Critical analysis of failed cases in IVF and IUI cycles.     

Research Experience

  • A prospective study of Intranatal Amnioinfusion in meconium stained amniotic fluid for prevention of Meconium aspiration syndrome and Perinatal outcome, done from Feb 2000 to May 2001 at Seth G.S Medical college, K. E. M. hospital Mumbai. (As a dissertation for MD).
  • Evaluation of alternate stimulation protocols in CC resistant PCO women undergoing IUI, based on baseline oestradiol level done from 2003 to 2004 at Institute of Reproductive Medicine,Kolkata - (As Dissertation for Fellowship in National Board in Reproductive Medicine ).


  • Co-authored “Prognostic factors in IVF and optimizing the success rate in IVF”for the 3rd edition of the Infertility manual by Dr Kamini Rao.
  • “Sperm retrieval techniques in ART”-Chapter in textbook “Laboratory Manual for ART”edited by Dr.Kamini A Roa
  • “Understanding of fertilization and Embryogenesis “–Co-author in ‘The Heart and Soul of ART is in the Laboratory’-A Practical textbook on embryology and andrology, Editors Dr.Prakash Trivedi; Mrs.Trivedi, 2004 edition.    
  • “Controversies in use of letrozole over clomiphene citrate in ovulation induction” –Bulletin of Institute of Reproductive Medcicne, Vol-42, March-2003.
  • “Controversies of Clomiphene citrate and letrozole”- Text book on infertility update by Dr.Mandakini Parihar, Dr.Sadhana. K.Desai –2003.
  • “Polycystic Ovarian syndrome– Review article”; in newsletter by Center for Research in Assisted reproduction and Fetal therapy (CRAFT), 2nd edition, May 2005,Kodungallur Kerala.
  • Co-authored“Unruptured Ovarian Pregnancy following In-Vitrofertilisation,missed diagnosis followed by succesfull laparoscopic management” published in Journal of Human Reproduction scienceVo;1 issue Jan-Jun-2008

Conference Presentations


  • “Does Coasting prevent OHSS withoutcompromising pregnancy outcome?” In 20 th European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) Annual meeting, 27 to 29 th June 2004; Berlin Germany.
  • “Use of GnRH Antagonist versus Agonist: our experience”International conference on Assisted reproductive technology, Mumbai, India; Nov-2003



  • Diagnosis and pathology of genital Tuberculosis- South Zone ISAR conference on Endometrium-Cure TB ensure fertility,8-9,Sept 2007
  • Optimisation of success rates in Repeated IVF failure- 11thnational congress on ART and advances in infertility Bangalore, Feb 2006.
  • “Maternal serum markers and nuchal translucency in first trimester as a screening tool for detection of chromosomal defective babies” – 49thAICOG Kochi, Kerala, India; Januray 2006.
  • “A Randomised prospective study comparing Dyhdrogestrone, Micronised Progestrone and Progestrone with hCG as luteal phase support in IVF-ET cycles”. 30 th Annual conference, Bengal Obstretrics and Gynecological Society (BOGS) and Second Poorvam Meet, Kolkata, India 25-26thApril-2004.
  • “Comparative evaluation of different stimulation protocols in CC resistant P.C.O. women undergoing IUI” -Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction (ISAR) Jodhpur, India Feb 2004.
  • “Management of infertility and outcome in peri menpaousal women-our experience” IX th Annual conference of Indian Menopause Society (IMS) Kolkata, India Feb 2004.
  • “Is coasting the answer for prevention of OHSS without affecting ART outcome in IVF cycles?” In AICOG, Agra 6th– 9th January 2004.
  • Comparative evaluation of expectant versus medical management of minimal and mild endometriosis – in 46thAICOG, Bangalore, 6th- 9th January 2003.


Panellist: Use of 3D Ultrasonography in ART: Indian Academy of Human Reproduction Ultrasound & Color Doppler in Obstetrics, Gynaecology & infertility; 19th & 20th march 2005.

Courses attended

  • International Video workshop and Cadaver hands - on dissection for female Urinary Incontinence & Pelvic floor reconstruction; 4thand 5 th march, Hyderabad, 2006.  
  • Advanced Endoscopic surgeries related to Infertility and general gynaecology; trained by Dr. P. C. Mahapatra well known Endoscopic surgeon and chairperson Eastern RCOG body, Kolkata, India Sept 2004.
  • Conducted several CME programs on infertility and IVF/ICSI workshop at Institute of Reproductive Medicine as a programme for Institute of Research in Reproductive health (IRRH) Kolkata, India from 2002 to 2004.
  • Recently conducted two CME programs on Infertility and IUI workshop at Centre for Research in Assisted Reproduction and Fetal Therapy (CRAFT) Kerala, May- July- 2005.
  • Live Gynaec Endoscopic Surgery workshop and CME-2006 conducted by FOGSI Feb 2006

Career objectives

  • I would like to do MRCOG and gain Specialist Registrar (Higher specialist) training in Advanced Laparoscopy fellowship and Reproductive medicine in the UK.
  • I also want to play an active role in the basic clinical research in reproductive medicine and do audit as part of my effort to practice evidence based medicine.
  • My long-term goal is to become an Infertility and Gynec. Laparoscopic surgeon with special interest in fertility promoting operation and Urogynecology.

Experience profile (Postdoctral fellowship)

SHO in Reproductive Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Institute of Reproductive Medicine, Kolkata, India

Hospital profile: Tertiary referral unit for infertility (ART) and High risk Pregnancy evaluation unit with 600 cycles of IVF/ICSI yearly, 23 bedded admission unit with emergency service, B.O.H OPD, Genetic Counselling unit, Andrology unit, Experimental animal Laboratory unit, and Minimal Access surgery unit. The annual delivery rate is 550.

The hospital is recognised for two seats of Post Doctoral fellowship in Reproductive Medicine, Diplomat of National Board, Ministry of Health, and one seat for Ph.D by Kolkata University.

I had structural supervised training from various in house department: outpatient department includes history taking, counseling Amenorrhoea and BOH OPD, IUI, IVF department, IVF Laboratory, Experimental mouse oocyte handling, Minimal access surgery, and complete detailed obstetrics scans like anomaly, Color Doppler, folliculometry.  I attended the night duty rota 1:4 for two years.


Senior registrar in OBGYN and ART department, Centre for Research in Assisted Reproduction and Fetal therapy (CRAFT) and K. J. Hospital Kodungallur, Kerala, India.

Hospital profile: 

It is 50-bedded Maternity hospital. The ART consists of 15 beds of Day assessment Unit. The annual IVF/ICSI cycles are around 450. It is a level 3 unit for both ART and obstetrics management of all high-risk pregnancy. The annual delivery rate is 550.

  • It is the one of best IVF centre in Kerala.
  • After working up for the infertility evaluation we decide for either IUI or IVF/ICSI .The success rate of IVF/ICSI is 50-55% with take home baby rate of 38-42%.
  • I did diagnostic hysteroscopy and Laparoscopic procedures and several oocyte retrivel
  • I conducted CME programmes in IUI and IVF for general gynaecological doctors.
  • I attended the duty rota 1:3 basis emergency obstetrics.


Senior Consultant in IVF and Laparoscopy unit, Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre, Bangalore under Dr.Kamini A Rao, India. 

hospital profile: It is a tertiary level IVF, Genetics and Laparoscopy unit with 35-bedded busy hospital with an average of 350 deliveries per annum.

  • I have worked independently as IVF clinician as well as done several ooycte retrieval and embryo transfer.
  • I have assisted few Laparoscopy surgeries related to fertility promoting as well as Hysterectomies.I was responsible for the first night on call management of emergencies in the obstetrics care unit. I attended all high-risk deliveries and do the routine postnatal care as well.
  • I have learnt to do Nuchal Transluceny Scan, Color Doppler and Anamoly scan and to read the images.
  • I learnt the art of talking to the patients by Dr.Kamini A Rao
  • I actively participated in teaching sessions and outpatient clinics organised by the department.



Pre registration House Officer

 Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences, Bellary [12 months]

Training: During this period, I was trained in basic patient care, which involved history taking, initial management, investigations, case discussions, attending ward rounds and doing emergency on call rotation under supervision in Medicine, Accident and Emergency Surgery, Obstetrics and gynaecology.

Teaching experience

  • As a Clinical assistant, currently I am teaching theory and bedside clinics for postdoctoral fellowship student from DNB board and Rajeev Gandhi Health University at Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre, Bangalore (Present).
  • As a Fellowship student conducted several basic teaching programmes for training many Gynaecologist in IUI and IVF conducted by FOGSI and IIRRH Recognised centre at Institute of Reproductive Medicine, Kolkata.
  • As a postgraduate resident I provided clinical teaching to the under-graduate medical students.
  • As a Tutor in the Department of Anatomy, Preventive and Social Medicine in Sree Devraj Urs medical college Kolar, India.

Team Work/Organisation skills

  • Currently I am in the process of completing optimum dose of gonadotropins stimulation with correlation to the subendometrial blood flow and pregnancy outcome in IUI as well as in IVF/ICSI cycles
  • I have been the rota supervisorfor the postdoctoral fellowship students in evaluation of infertile couples IVF stimulation protocols and laparoscopic fertility promoting operation.
  • I have organized & conducted several CME programs on infertility and IVF /ICSI workshop at Institute of Reproductive medicine, through Indian Institute for training and Research in Reproductive Health (IIRRH) Kolkata, in 2002-2004.
  • Trained few doctors in IUI and ART recognised by the FOGSI certified training centre.

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Life Member of Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (FOGSI) – Mumbai Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society (MOGS) since 2000.
  • Life Member of International Institute for training and Research in Reproductive Health (IIRRH) Mumbai.
  • Annual Member of Bangalore Obstetrics and Gynaecology (BOGS).
  •   Life Member of Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction (ISAR).
  •   Life member of Indian society of Gyencological Endoscopy(ISGE).
  •   Life member Association of Minimal Accesses Surgeons of India (FMAS).

Personal attributes


My colleagues have perceived me as a hard working, sincere, enthusiastic, well-motivated, organized and reliable person.


I have excellent inter-personal skills to work in a team as well as a part of multidisciplinary team in patient management. I always had excellent relationship with colleagues, seniors, hospital staff, patients and their parents especially in bringing good results in ART programme.


I recognize my limitations and seek help or support appropriately, which helps me learn quickly

Extra curricular activities

Profession related

  • Actively volunteered in School Health programme for educating adolescent problems conducted by Rural FOGSI organizations in India
  • Actively participated in Cervical Screening, Anaemia Awareness Programme and two Child Family Health Programme conducted by King Edward Memorial hospital as well Mumbai Obstetrics Gyneac society (MOGS).


 I play chess, badminton, table tennis and watch cricket. I am proficient in Microsoft word processing, PowerPoint presentations and excel operations.


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