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Hystero Laproscopy (Diagnostic)

It is a diagnostic method used to find the causes for female infertility. Diagnostic hystero laparoscopy is performed to examine scar tissue, ovaries, blocked fallopian tubes, uterus or fibrosis, which blocks one from getting pregnant. The procedure of hysteroscopy is done along with laparoscopy. Hysteroscope is a narrow fiber optic telescope, which will be inserted through the cervix. After this procedure, laparoscopy will begin by injecting a harmless gas into the abdomen. For this, a needle is inserted through the abdominal wall. By raising the abdominal wall, this gas permits a clear vision of the reproductive organs to the doctor. When the abdomen is distended, the needle will be removed and a laparoscope will be inserted. Making another small incision in the abdomen, a grasper will be inserted. This allows access to the hidden areas of the reproductive organs. If endometriosis is seen, it will be treated using lasers or electrocautery. Scar tissue may be cut out with the help of scissors. 

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