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Reproductive endoscopic Surgeries like Fallopian Tube Recanalization

Fallopian tubes are the passage for the eggs to travel from ovaries to uterus. They are fundamental organ of reproductive system as the fertilization takes place in fallopian tubes. Released ovaries and sperms will travel through these tubes to fertilize and once fertilized, embryo travels towards uterus and implants with uterine wall for further development process of baby.  Fallopian tube recanalization is nonsurgical procedure to remove blockages in fallopian tubes that is affecting travel of embryo to uterus. Blockage can be result of infection, debris or any other issue. Blocked tubes do not yield in fertilization process. Clearing the path will enhance the chances of pregnancy. This procedure can be performed through vagina placing speculum and passing catheter to fallopian tubes through uterus. 

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