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Donor Egg IVF

Donor egg IVF will be considered for patients if they cannot afford IVF treatments or if woman is infertile to conceive even after various fertility treatments. This happens when female partner is aged above 40 years, if menopause has started before 40 years, premature ovarian failure, poor quality ovaries or previous IVF failure treatments. Donor egg IVF is simpler procedure than IVF or ICSI. Here recipient will be matched after conducting genetic diagnosis and treatments. Male partner semen analysis will be diagnosed and female partner will have to undergo hormonal treatment to prepare uterus to accept donor egg. Donor will undergo fertility treatment to prepare eggs for fertilization. Once eggs are matured, they will be removed from donor ovaries and are fertilized with male partner sperm outside in the laboratory. When embryo is developed, they will be transferred into female partner uterus. Embryo will implant with the lining of uterus and continues development. Donor egg IVF has high success rates when compared to much limited chances of success in IVF treatment.

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