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Assisted Hatching

For 6 to 7 days after fertilization of egg, cells begin division process resulting in embryo formation. This embryo contains a layer of proteins and the outer shell is covered with glycoprotein layer known as zona pellucida. After 5 days of fertilization, embryo reaches to uterus and zona pellucida gradually degenerates and dissolves itself and embryo hatches out implant to the walls of uterus. Failure to implant to uterus wall may be one of the causes for infertility in many patients as in few circumstances zona pellucida may be hard for the embryo to hatch out. This results in failure of implants with the uterus lining.

Assisted hatching is performed in the laboratory where our fertility experts identify the embryos with thin zona pellucida that has higher chances of resulting in implanting with uterus wall. If the outer layer of embryo is hardened, embryologists in lab would pierce the layer and create small slot. This will be done after 4th day of fertilization. After this procedure, embryo transfer will be performed and are placed in uterus to dissolve and implant to uterus lining.

This treatment is appropriate for couples where woman is aged above 35 years, woman with high FSH level, failed IVF cycles or poor quality embryo.

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