Tips on Diet and Lifestyle for Successful Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very exciting phase for every woman. It makes the woman feel nervous about what she should or should not be doing for her own and her baby’s health.

To have a safe pregnancy, you should be as strong as possible. Being healthy for pregnant woman is most essential not only for growing baby but also for your physical and mental stability. She should be focused on eating a healthy diet to be physically active and for taking care of emotions. Along with this, lifestyle changes should be modified to be healthy. It will drastically improve the health of your child.

Pregnancy Tips & Healthy Diet - Vardhan Fertility

Pregnancy Tips & Healthy Diet – Vardhan Fertility

A Healthy Balanced Diet

During the pregnancy, it is important to continue to eat a healthy balanced diet.

It is common to have bigger craving during this phase but it is not necessary to eat for two, even if you are having twins or triplets. Too much weight gain increases your risk of developing other health problems later in the pregnancy. It is also difficult to burn extra weight post delivery.

Women with a normal pre-pregnancy weight, gaining of 11-16 kg under the pregnancy is normal. During the last three months of pregnancy, women body requires an extra 200 calories per day. No other extra calories other than this are needed until the delivery date.

Following are the food every pregnant woman should be focus and include in her diet for maintaining healthy lifestyle:

  • Milk – pregnant should have at least 2 glasses of milk daily
  • Fruit and vegetables.
  • Starch based foods like bread, cereals, potatoes, rice.
  • Plenty of fiber, it can be found in wholegrain bread also in fruit and vegetables.
  • Protein foods as meat, fish, chicken, etc, every day.
  • Dairy products, like yogurt and cheese.


Contain foods contains sufficient iron, calcium and folic acid. A growing baby needs these nutrients right from the beginning of the pregnancy.

A pregnant woman should be very cautious and should avoid and not include following foods in her healthy diet:

  • Listeria and toxoplasmosis are a form of germ or bacteria. It creates problems in pregnant women like causing miscarriage or infections in the baby after birth and abnormalities in the newborn baby. These are present in raw eggs, raw meat, mayonnaise and mousse and should be strictly avoided
  • Avoid adding fat – for example, fried food where possible.
  • A small amount of vitamin A will keep healthy.  Taking a large amount of it would cause harm to an unborn baby. So, avoid it.
  • Taking a lot of caffeine like tea, coffee and chocolate, cool drinks or some energy drinks during pregnancy increases risk of having a miscarriage and also leads in low weight of the baby.


Visit your doctor for regular health check up and follow these healthy pregnancy tips to make sure you have the smoothest and most successful pregnancy. You should follow healthy food diet and strictly avoid foods causing harm to you and your baby in the womb.